Month: January 2009

A day in history,…

Regardless of your political views, today is a one of those days that will always be remembered.  It will be one of those days that, years in the future, you will look back and know exactly where you were that day.  The day our 44th president was inaugurated.  He certainly has his work cut out […]

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Sometimes, being the understanding Army wife/vet really bites.  I have barely heard from Corey since he left.  I got a couple of quick phone calls when he was in Germany in transit, another quick one when he first got to Bagram, and a REALLY quick one last week.  That’s it.  And most of the time, […]

Camou News, Cheetah Girl & Old Friends

Poor hubby! Having only a few minutes, Corey called me this morning, still waiting to make his final move to the FOB he is going to.  After the events of the last few days, it was beyond good for me to hear his voice.  He asked me how I was and, of course, I lost […]

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Feeling blue,…

I usually blog first thing in the morning, but I have opened up a new post about a billion times today and haven’t been able to come up with a thing. In the face of sorrow, nothing really seems all that important, interesting or funny. All I can think of is a life wasted, a […]

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