Month: February 2009

Dono Drama

I am so frustrated that I just want to scream.  Every day is a struggle with Donovan.  Not a single flippin’ day can go by without having to argue with him about some stupid thing or another.  It is always the same stupid shit over and over and over again.  Nothing I say ever makes […]

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Ginny & Her Baubles

I recently reconnected with my friend Ginny from high school through Facebook and have now become a devoted stalker of her blog, Luna’s Baublebilities.  Her blog is devoted to her crafty endeavors, namely beadwork.  Her jewelry is beyond amazing and I love reading about her pieces and how she creates them.  She has an amazing […]

Yee haw!!

Yippee! My new living room couches are here!!  I had a three-piece (a couch, loveseat, and chaise) set of ivory microsuede that I had LOVED.  When we left Fort Lee, the movers wrapped it all in plastic instead of the paper that is supposed to be used on microsuede.  Our stuff was in storage while […]

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