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75% of my children hate me,…

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And I could give a rat’s ass!
Last night, it was Donovan that hated me, but he got over it,… for the moment.  Today it is the younger three, and I would love to tell you that I feel bad about it, but it would be a lie.  There is not a single tear straining to fall down my bitchy cheek.  The state of their playroom is one of our neverending battles, one just had a couple days ago.  And here I am revisting it again.  It started over the remote to the DVD player in the playroom.  Due to the fact that whenever entrusted with it, they manage to lose it in the chaos, the rule is that once they use it, it immediately goes back to my desk.  Well, of course, they needed it today and hadn’t put it back, leading to a search playroom-wide to find it.  In the course of helping, I noticed that they went through 3 bins looking for it and somehow managed to NOT see the sippy cups and garbage in the very same bins.  This irritated me to  a level that currently has no words in the English language to describe it, especially when I noticed the garbage languishing under their table.  So, The Mama became irate and dumped all 8 bins into the middle of the floor and made certain that every toy in the room was on the floor.  Then I noticed the condition of the bins and how thoroughly disgusting they were.  Normally I would clean them for them, but feeling as bitchy as I do, screw it.  They can, and will, do it themselves.  So there they are, miserable and facing a mound of toys in the middle of the room having to restore their playroom to some sense of order!  And I, not being of the sunshine and flowers version of motherhood, am getting a great deal of joy out of it.  Yes, I am a bitch.  But that is what happens when you choose to be completely lazy, rude and disrespectful to yo mamma.

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6 responses to “75% of my children hate me,…

  1. That’s how I handle my kids, too, but it still doesn’t work. Andrew goes right behind me and tells them he’ll clean it up for them. So, of I want my kids to listen to me and do what I tell them to, I have to get rid of my man. I can’t win either way!

  2. Good for you, kids get away with far to much these days cos good ole mum is there to clear up after them.. I know myself, mentally I have killed my children probably about 360 times due to the mess of their room.. But I am learning the more I nag the longer it stays a mess, when I get in there with a rubbish bag and start putting stuff in the bin thats not in it’s proper place, they are moving like lightening.. I do room check and I say nothing no more because I was sick and tired of saying the same thing.. I go in if its not tidy and clean I come back with a bag, and suprisingly they are cleaning and tidying as I start to go round.. I leave the room and leave the vacum and the dusting cloth and leave.. lol it’s working slowly but surely..

    Hang in there love.. be well be good and have a happy less iritating day! Smooch!


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