Month: March 2009

Happy Birthday, Ka’lani!

My Ka’lani is 12 today!  How is that even possible?!  I remember being pregnant with him like it was yesterday.  I was stationed in Hawaii then, not a bad place to be pregnant!  He was due on April 1st, an April Fool’s baby.  Easter was on March 30th that year and I remember feeling the […]

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I shoulda stayed in bed!

Holy bus drama, Batman! I sent the youngest three out to their bus this morning, unaware that drama was about to ensue.  In the midst of trying to tame Donovan’s wild hair (insane amounts of hair spray and a crazy ‘do for the play really screwed with it!) with the flat iron, I realized the […]

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Weekend Wrapup

My broken blog I woke up yesterday to a broken blog, and I have absolutely no clue how it happened.  Somehow the “.php” files for most of my plugins were deleted off my server.  I didn’t do it and I don’t have any idea how or why that could have happened.  Because of the plugin […]

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F*&k my life,…

A quote from my friend Jess’ husband Matt that seems appropriate today.  Nothing new happened, just stuff catching up to me, I guess.  This last year has been ridiculous with losing people that I know and/or care about.  And as the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing approaches, I think itis hitting me harder and harder.  […]

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