Month: March 2009

One of those days,…

Sometimes it’s the little things,… That either make you want to cry, to laugh, to smile, or to scream, sometimes at the same time!!  This morning Ty came to say good-bye to me before heading out to the bus with his brothers and he was too cute.  He came over, took my hand, got down […]

Posted 9 March 2009 by Kim in Daily Drama / 1 Comment

A sad week,…

I guess I haveen’t really been in the mood for blogging much lately.  Last week was a really hard week for me and I guess I wasn’t ready to blog about it.  I found early in the week that the younger sister of a friend from my school days died, a girl I knew.  She died […]

Posted 3 March 2009 by Kim in This & That / 3 Comments