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Birthday News & a Slap in the Face

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The Birthday Boy
Well, the boy had a great day full of well wishes from friends, family, and teachers alike.  Corey was able to call him, which totally made his day.  I also got him the present he had asked for, which he was most happy about it.  We have a large collection of Nerf guns that shoot foam bullets and we all have a great time running about shooting each other.  And we have spread our fun through the family.  My dad and step mom got into it at Christmas, and eventually bought their own stash of guns and foam bullets for spontaneous gun fights in their own house!  The one Ka’lani wanted was a ginormous sniper rifle called the Nerf Long Shot, which comes complete with a scope.  The thing is so much bigger than it looks in the picture and is almost as tall as Ka’lani himself.  I think it weighs almost as much as Ty!

A total slap in the face!
With as much as I bitch about not being appreciated in this house, you would think that at some point it would be pounded into their heads.  Apparently not.  As Donovan was getting his stuff together this morning for school, he picked up his sneakers to pack into his spikes bag for track practice.  Apparently, they were muddy and he proceeded to stand there and brush all the dirt off,… right onto the floor.  What the hell?!  Talk about a slap in the face.  He could not have given me a better example of how little he thinks about other people.  A total lack of appreciation for the fact that I am the one who cleans up after him.  I was so pissed and so hurt that I could have screamed.

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2 responses to “Birthday News & a Slap in the Face

  1. Testosterone causes brain damage. Usually it is only temporary.

    Someday when he is about 35, he will wake up and remember brushing the dirt from his shoes onto the kitchen floor and realize how inconsiderate that was. He will feel badly about it and will be kinder to you when you are old and decrepit because of his guilt. Then you can play the kooky old mama role and make his life a little more ‘interesting’!

  2. Hi Kiki. Love Ginny’s comment, LOL. If you figure out how to pound that info into the boys’ heads, please tell me. My kids are just as bad and it’s sad really. I can’t understand it. They just don’t fear me. Glad that the birthday went well. Hope that today has gotten to be a better day! Sending a big hug.


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