Month: May 2009

♥ WARNING: Graphic Post Below ♥The things kids learn on the bus,…

posted: 5.28.2009/0914 | Thursday
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♥ WARNING:  Graphic Post Below ♥The things kids learn on the bus,…

What the HELL?! It is a damn good thing that I am somewhat level-headed.  Not only is it good for a group of junior high boys, but it is good for me, too.  Why?  Because orange prison jumpsuits look AWFUL on me!  Oh, you mean, why is it good for them?  Because they could have […]


posted: 5.25.2009/0913 | Monday
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I know that everyone always says “Happy Memorial Day” today, but it always seems kind of wrong to use happy in a day honoring those who fell for our freedom.  Yes, they died in honor and we all should be proud and happy for their service, but “happy” just doesn’t seem like the right word […]

O445 came early, & other stuff, too!

posted: 5.21.2009/0635 | Thursday
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O445 came early, & other stuff, too!

If there was ever a need for coffee,… It would be this morning!  My friend and neighbor Crystal got a new job and is going to be working night shifts so they have her beginning training at the god-awful hour of 0500.  Normally her husband doesn’t leave for post until about 0545 but this morning […]

Way to go, Donovan!

posted: 5.18.2009/0647 | Monday
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Way to go, Donovan!

Congrats to Donovan! We got some fabulous news in the mail Friday night!  Donovan got into The Clarkson School!  Yipee!  So we all immediately got in the car and headed to Potsdam for a celebration dinner at Cactus Grill with my dad, stepmom, and stepsister Kristin!  Out of the number of people who apply, only a […]