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I anti-♥ thieves, but I ♥ cool crafty stuff!

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I anti- thieves!
Nothing pisses me off more than someone with no integrity or honor.  Donovan and I both play World of Warcraft, and he recently started a guild.  He funded it and set it all up and had a great set of people to start with,… for the most part.  When he set it up, he set different limits on each of the ranks within the guild.  That meant that there was a limit as to how much money could be withdrawn each day and how many items could be withdrawn.  Somehow, one of the guildies hacked past those limits, changed all the settings, took 100 gold (a lot) and a bunch of high level items (he was a low level player) and boogied on out of there.  Wiped us right out.  So Donovan lodged a complaint against him with the GM and I got an email this morning that the gold had been replaced, which is good.  However, it just ticks me off that someone would take the time to be a thief in a freakin’ game.  It just seems pathetic to me.  :reallypissed:

I ♥ funky crafty stuff!
I saw an ad on Facebook this morning for a business called Urban Threads.  So, I clicked on it and went to visit.  I LOVE this store!  They have some great designs, for hand or machine embroidery or for digital art use.  The designs are either downloaded or sent via email and are really cheap.  There are a ton of categories of art and a great project section with lots of ideas.  I completely ♥ Urban Threads!

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One response to “I anti-♥ thieves, but I ♥ cool crafty stuff!

  1. You know, my WOW account is closed right now, and I am missing it. Can’t wait to get paid so I can reopen it lol. That was just so wrong that people take that much time to hack a game and steal. I feel for Donovan! It takes a lot of work in WoW to get a guild going!

    Oh, and thanks…. Guess what I have been doing the past two months? Crocheting!! Working on a bear right now lol..


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