Month: June 2009

I hate my cats.

Anyone know of a good recipe or pattern utilizing a cat, or two cats?  Since I don’t know which of the little shits is the culprit, I have sentenced them both as guilty, if nothing else, than by association of species.  I had a big clean load of laundry from yesterday and another from today, […]

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*&^#*^#$^ Mothers

And I wonder,… How the hell does someone get investigated by Child Services, think it’s funny, and still not learn a thing?  Alternate reality?  Complete lack of functioning brain cells?  Instead, nothing changes and, if anything, it gets worse!!  My friend, UTAO (Used & Taken Advantage Of) Mom, used to watch the children of DA […]

Thank God for Monday!

:♥:  NOTE  :♥: Ladies, don’t forget to check out the sticky post above and SIGN UP!! The weekend is OVER! I really don’t think I have ever been so relieved to have a weekend be over as I am today!  Between way too little sleep and way too much kid drama, I am wiped out.  […]

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