7.5.2009 | Sunday

I anti-♥ mold & mildew, but I ♥ sun!

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I hate mold & mildew!
I suppose that really isn’t surprising, seeing as how I am deathly allergic to it!  The venhilation system is not even remotely capable of handling the sauna-like humidity that my bathroom is capable of.  Or, rather, the humidty that my children are capable of creating with marathon showers and HOT water, even on the hottest days.  And since my cats seem to think that my bathmat is an excellent place to relieve themselves, even with a spanking clean litter box, I can’t even leave the door open to combat the humidity.  All this means, extreme mold and mildew.  So I attacked it yesterday morning and I spent the rest of the day in misery because of it.  It was joyful, at best.

The sun is shining,…
For once.  Now I can only hope it lasts long enough for fireworks tonight.  But if nothing else, it got the younger 75% out of the house for the first time in days.  Which gives me a moment of peace,… in other words, no arguing within 10 feet of me over who gets to go pee.  Okay, so maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much.  Sometimes they argue about the weirdest things!  It works out something like this,…

(kids + sun) +coffee = peace + coffee = Happy Mama

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