Month: July 2009

How my day started,…

It was just after 5am, sound asleep in my lovely turquoise bed.  The room was silent but for the sound of two fans, and David Boreanz as Angel on the TV.  Out of nowhere, a scream of immense pain.  I woke up immediately, terrified as to what would possibly cause that kind of pain.  Then I […]

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I anti-♥ mold & mildew, but I ♥ sun!

I hate mold & mildew! I suppose that really isn’t surprising, seeing as how I am deathly allergic to it!  The venhilation system is not even remotely capable of handling the sauna-like humidity that my bathroom is capable of.  Or, rather, the humidty that my children are capable of creating with marathon showers and HOT […]

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Rain, rain, go away,…

Because it means my children have to stay inside and that may not end well for me.  It is a simple equation.  rain + summer vacation + Scott = headache for the Mama That is all there is to it.  The child is not happy about anything today and it has been nonstop all day.  If […]

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