Month: September 2009

Adventures in yarn,…

Sometimes I think I am an idiot! I bought some cheap, but yummy feeling yarn from JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks ago and I have been using it to make a simple v-stitch scarf.  Well, I finished it last night and started putting the fringe on it.  This morning, I picked it back up to […]

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My son, the Super Hero!

There once was a little-known super hero known as Donovan.  He didn’t wear a cape, but a pair of slightly worn, slightly smell running shoes.  One day, he was running with his posse through the streets of his village for cross-country practice.  As they were running through the side streets, they came upon a car […]

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To Syracuse & back!

Holy hell!  What a day!  Let’s see,… we left for the cleft clinic at 0630, after having drugged the Ty-man with the doctor-recommended Benedryl, an attempt at not having a puke fest the entire way!  It was successful, as he was asleep about 20 minutes into the 2-hour drive!!  I think he finally woke up […]

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My cleft palate cutie!

Road trip! So Ty and I are taking a little road trip tomorrow!  We are leaving at 0630, so let’s hope Donovan manages to get everyone on the bus at 0700.  They will all be up before we leave, so all should be well!  Ty and I are headed to Syracuse to the Central New […]

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Migraines & madness,…

I broke my cardinal rule of not fighting with Corey while he is deployed, but stuff just boiled over and out it went.  We ended with all the right words, which is important, but getting to the “I love you” wasn’t easy.  I hate fighting like that, especially with him deployed, but sometimes the holding […]

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