Month: September 2009

It is what it is,… which is?!

Another long night of virtually no sleep.  I can’t seem to clear my head long enough to get any real sleep and it is definately taking its toll on me.  I have way too much going on in my head about way too many things and nothing seems to help that. I think the fact that […]

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Goose poop & icy windows,…

Both are tell tale signs that fall has come to Northern New York. The Canadian geese hold one of their biannual conventions in a big field not too far from here, and I can hear them ALL NIGHT AND ALL DAY.  There are hundreds of them that hang out partying in whatever way Canadian geese […]

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Yard apes, man parts, & memes

Yard apes, man parts, & memes

Ah, germs! You can tell that the school year has begun!  So far, in just 1 day over 2 weeks since school began, Ty is on his second missed day and Scott hasn’t been to school since Tuesday!  Ty was out last week for a stomach bug, Scott is out for his viral and respiratory […]

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I have been trying to post a blog all day long, but I haven’t gotten beyond the first two sentences.  I am thoroughly on a bitch roll at the moment and pretty much just pissed off at life in general, which doesn’t really lend itself to an engaging read, huh?  And I am completely sick of […]

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