Month: September 2009

Introducing Seamus,…

A little humor in the face of adversity goes a long way.  My dad, my brother Tripp and his girlfriend Ashley came over last night to go out to dinner with the kids and I for Donovan’s birthday.  During the course of dinner, we got talking about his cancer.  My father, in typical Vern fashion, […]

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Drama, drama, drama!

::UPDATE:: Well, it appears that my drama-loving “friend” was not directly responsible,… this time.  Somebody else that knows of me through them supposedly used their account to send the incriminating message to my other friend.  Whatever.  Supposedly they found out about it after the fact, but didn’t do a damn thing about it.  That makes […]

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Do I speak in Swahili?!

I mean, I know I am a trained linguist and all, but Swahili is NOT one of the languages I studied.  But it is the only explanation I can come up with that explains the blank looks and clear lack of understanding that I get from my children.  In particular, my middle two,… this time.  […]

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A completely lazy weekend,…

We spent the weekend imitating garden slugs.  In other words, we did as little as humanly possible.  My heart just wasn’t into doing a whole lot that required any kind of motivation, after my dad’s news on Friday.  So we headed to the Movie Gallery and rented a STACK of movies for the weekend.  The […]

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