Month: October 2009

Adventures in Man Land

Being the married single woman that I am at the moment, all things plumbing fall within my realm of responsibility.  So, Tuesday afternoon, I headed into traditional Man Land to buy a flapper.  No, I was not out buying an escort into role playing girls doing the Charleston.  I needed that little rubber piece in […]

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Awkward moments & NaNoWriMo

NEVER fall asleep with Oxygen on your TV. Some people sleep walk, some people sleep eat.  I apparently sleep channel-surf.  When I fell asleep I was watching NBC and the end of Jimmy Fallon.  When I woke up, the Oxygen network was on and I was viewing a rather large array of,… um,… personal pleasure […]

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Candles, Tupperware, & Mil Wife Support!

I have always been all about supporting other military wives whenever possible in their business ventures.  Military families just don’t make a lot of money and sometimes those side businesses make all the difference to a family. Recently I met another Army wife on Facebook, whose husband happens to be stationed at the same post […]

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