Candles, Tupperware, & Mil Wife Support!

Posted 26 October 2009 by Kim in Shop Military Wives / 1 Comment

I have always been all about supporting other military wives whenever possible in their business ventures.  Military families just don’t make a lot of money and sometimes those side businesses make all the difference to a family.

Recently I met another Army wife on Facebook, whose husband happens to be stationed at the same post as my husband.  She has just started selling some of the most DELICIOUS candles online as a consultant for Gold Canyon candles.  They have every possible scent, from floral and nature scents, to edible and “clean” scents, as well as some yummy sounding holiday scents!  They are heavily laden with scent, which I never can seem to find in a candle, and they are very long burning.  I just sent in an order for myself for 4 different yummies to try out!  I got a Mulled Harvest Bella candle, a Raspberry Cocoa Torte Heritage candle, an Apple Orchard Pear’adise Bella candle, and a Rose Heritage candle.  They even have a line of bath & body products, as well as a line of green living cleaning supplies.  They also carry all kinds of cute candle accessories and candle care items.  TONS of stuff!  Go check out Caroline’s candles HERE!

She also sells Tupperware online, another place I love to shop!  And who can’t use Tupperware?!  The stuff lasts FOREVER so you ALWAYS get your money’s worth.  I remember the Tupperware of my youth in my mom’s kitchen was all that lovely 70’s orange, yellow & green.  But has Tupperware ever changed!  There is so much more available now and I want to throw out everything I own to get it all!  Caroline’s Tupperware site is HERE.

The holidays are coming and it is a good time to start shopping!  So go support a military wife whenever possible!  If you know of other military wives with an online business, please send me her name, branch and link so I can add her to my new page on my blog, “shop military wives“.



One response to “Candles, Tupperware, & Mil Wife Support!

  1. Kim,

    Your Awesome!

    I love reading your blogs! I recently found them, and just want everyone to know how talented you are!!

    I can promise readers that when they purchase Gold Canyon Candles, they will only get the best. I love love love candles. They don’t even compare to “yankee” candles!

    Thanks again Kim…your a sweet heart!

    Caroline Ubbens
    Fort Drum, NY
    Proud Army Wife