Month: October 2009

What to do?

How do you tell someone that you consider that a friend WITHOUT ruining the friendship, that you are feeling used? It seems that our definitions of “help” and “together” are totally different. I feel like all I’m being expected to do all the work, with very little assistance, with very little input. I don’t think […]

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The life and times of a tired Mama!

Just so you know, 45 minutes of sleep is not recommended!  Holy crap, I am tired.  I want to go back to bed in the worst possible way, but I know that if I do, it will just lead to another night of me being bitch-slapped awake by Insomnia while Sleep stands there and cackles […]

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Dive bombed,…!

Is it a bad omen? Is it a sign that things are not going to go well for me today when, as I am coming back inside after seeing the kids off to school, a crow dive bombs me and nearly poops in my coffee? I don’t know which would have been worse, a crow […]

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Adventures in mothering boys,…!

There are some things, as a mother, that remain over my head and dealing with morning wood is one of them.  My little guy has recently discovered this phenomena and it is,… well,… awkward!  Not having the same plumbing, I am woefully unequipped to deal with said problem!  But it is hard NOT to notice, […]

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