Month: October 2009

My birthday boy!

My birthday boy!

Happy birthday, Ty-man! My baby is 6 years old today, although it definately doesn’t seem possible! I still remember the day I had him like it was yesterday. I was scheduled to be induced at 0600, so at 0530 I was at my girl Stacy’s front door with Scotty so he could stay with her […]

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♥ing the Soldier Daddy & my Blackberry!

♥ing my Soldier Daddy! It is the little things that make me adore him, more than anything else!  I got online this morning and saw that he had left me a comment on my blog post yesterday and that just made my morning, just seeing his name there!  I remember a couple years ago, he came home […]

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Life as a Household 6!

NOTE:  Click here for a definition of Household 6! Sometimes something happens that just slaps you in the face with just where your spouse is.  Saturday morning, I got a call from my FRG (Family Readiness Group, the unit support group for family members) leader to call my people with a message notification.  Our brigade […]

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Domestic Bliss

Blah!  I got up way too early for a Saturday morning!  Donovan and Ka’lani had a cross country meet at Beaver River this morning so they had to be at the school by 0750.  So the Mama had to be up by 0640 in order to get them both up and showered and fed before […]

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Reading & Sneezing!

Finally! I finally finished all the library books I had out so I can now read A Twisted Ladder by Rhodi Hawk.  I went to DLI in 1990 with her, for Polish, so when I ran across her book on Amazon, I was beyond excited to get it!  She was an incredibly sweet and smart person, […]

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