I ♥ Gold Canyon Candles!

Posted 4 November 2009 by Kim in Shop Military Wives / 0 Comments

I got my box of candles from Gold Canyon candles that I bought from Caroline yesterday afternoon.  I was crutching (I hurt my foot again) out to the bus stop when the UPS guy got there with my box, but he waved me off and just carried to my door for me.  Have I mentioned that my UPS guy, while a bit older than I, is kinda hot?!  The moment I got inside, that box was opened!  And nestled inside, cocooned in a lattice-work of foam, were my candles!  Of course, everyone had to take a smell.  The Mulled Harvest, rich with cinnamon, was Scott’s favorite.  That one is being saved for Thanksgiving.  Ka’lani’s favorite was the Apple Orchard Pearadise, which has such a realistic, clean scent to it!  Both Ty and Donovan loved the Raspberry Cocoa, which has the strongest, most realistic scent I have ever smelled.  I also got a girlie one, in Rose, and it is wonderful!  I left it in my bathroom last night, unlit, but with the lid half off and my bathroom smelled like a rose garden when I went in to shower this morning!  The scents in these candles are amazing!  They are truly drenched in scent, which is what I want most in a candle.  You can tell that these are top quality candles just by the wax.  It has that smooth, silky look and feel that well-poured candles have.  I have the Raspberry Cocoa burning right now, and within 2 minutes of lighting it, I could smell it from the other end of my house.  Even better?  They are longer lasting and cheaper than a Yankee candle.  Go visit Caroline’s Gold Canyon Candle page HERE and also support a military wife!!