Month: January 2010

Lost in life,…

I have barely blogged at all this month, but it certainly isn’t for lack of trying.  Every time I sit down and open up my admin panel to write, my mind either goes blank or I can’t think of anything to write that is fit for public consumption.  I miss writing because my blog is […]

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The sad truth,…

Sometimes there are moments when my heart is touched and my faith in humanity is at least temporarily restored.  The best of those moments come from unexpected people at unexpected times, and I am sure that the person who gave me this moment doesn’t even realize how much it meant to me.  But it is […]

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I have been suffering from massive blogstipation for days, a term coined by my friend Dan to describe my inability to put my thoughts into words.  Usually my blog is the one place where I can let it all out, vent my frustrations, and be done with it.  But, for whatever reason, I just haven’t […]

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