Month: September 2010

Who am I?

Sometimes I think being a mother is just about the most frustrating thing to be, with being a wife a close second.  Sometimes the two roles are almost indistinguishable.  And I truly believe the situation is made worse by the fact that I am the lone female in a family of males.  It seems like […]

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I love my guys, I really do.  But sometimes they can be disgusting little creatures.  :-&  The current man child that is revolting me, even hours later, is Ty.  At 6, almost 7 years old, he has reached extraordinarily high levels of grossness.  The child, while brilliant in other areas, has absolutely no understanding of […]

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Soldier Daddy & his two women,…

I am pretty sure Soldier Daddy is cheating on me.  With the Army, and that bitch gets ALL the love!!  <3  Seriously. it has been insane for the last several months.  We started out the summer with a few weeks of preset training.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  “Uh, what?!  Not all of […]

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