Month: October 2010

Psychotropic water???

Judging from my interactions with my children lately, I am pretty sure that the water must be tainted with some kind of psychotropic drug that only affects juveniles, particularly those 9 and under.  Either that, or they have been possessed by small green beings from some as of yet undiscovered planet, the future planet Drive-A-Mom-Nuts. […]

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Bus accident

Pretty scary stuff, since this accident happened just down the road from us.  We live just outside village limits and this bus goes the opposite direction on the same road.  Fortunately, there were only 5 minor injuries, like bumps and bruises.  I didn’t even know about it until I was at dinner and overheard some […]

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It’s only Wednesday and I am ready for the weekend, which is probably NOT a good sign, huh?!  I blame it mostly upon the juvenile delinquents that live in our neighborhood and a sexist pig in the form of our Slum Lord.  It all began Thursday afternoon after school.  I was in the back of […]

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