Month: January 2011

Where do you find it?

Sometimes I think that is the biggest obstacle in my life right now,… the lack of inspiration.  It is so easy to fall in a rut when you are a stay at home mom and wife.  Your whole world revolves around your family until you feel like you have lost yourself.  You feel like you […]

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The Diva vs. The Menfolk

Where does it all go wrong?!  Clearly, waking up is my first mistake.  I have to get up 15 minutes earl every day because it takes that long to get my husband out of bed.  This is a fact of my reality that never ceases to annoy the living hell out of me, as I […]

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WARNING: Bitch Fest Ahead

I haven’t blogged much lately, mainly because I seem to have a real lack of anything positive to say.  But then I realized that that is exactly why I have  a blog, my own personal therapy to get the vents out.  So that is what I am going to do. My most recent Facebook status […]

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I swear, the total cluelessness that goes on around here is going to make me lose what is left of my mind.  I joke, or at least try to, but I am completely serious about just how pissed off and frustrated I am.  Nothing I say or do seems to get through to anyone, but […]

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Can I have some vodka with that?

It’s probably not a good sign when I title my post with alcoholic references before 7am.  But that is what comes with dealing with 4 sons and a husband in various stages of “duh” on a 24/7/365 basis.  Sometimes I almost believe it is a Y-chromosomal conspiracy to force me into a corner, babbling and […]

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