Month: March 2011

Miniature Dwarf Condos For Sale

I am pretty sure that dwarves have opened an unauthorized condominuim in my head.  Premium, because I like to pride myself on having a well-formed brain, so therefore any accomodations within it would have to be premium, right?  Anyway, I digress.  Dwarves are excellent miners so I am convinced that the stuffy nose I have […]

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Apnea vs. Kim,… apnea wins.

I am really hard to keep a positive spin on things, but starting almost every day with negativity is derailing me completely.  I feel like I am fighting a battle with the husband that has no hope of a reasonable conclusion.  Over the last few years, he has become increasingly violent in his sleep.  I […]

Posted 8 March 2011 by Kim in Bitches & Moans / 2 Comments