3.18.2011 | Friday

Miniature Dwarf Condos For Sale

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I am pretty sure that dwarves have opened an unauthorized condominuim in my head.  Premium, because I like to pride myself on having a well-formed brain, so therefore any accomodations within it would have to be premium, right?  Anyway, I digress.  Dwarves are excellent miners so I am convinced that the stuffy nose I have off and on?  Not caused by the usual reasons.  Instead, I am certain that it was actually a clan of dwarves tunneling into their new living accomdations.  I also think they have decided that it is such a great place to live, and I can’t argue the wonderfulness of my brain, that they have begun expanding.  This is the only reasonable, and the most creative, explanation I have been able to come up with to fully explain the blinding pain that exists across my forehead.  I have also learned that dwarves and their mining are not at all affected by the intake of coffee and the consumption of Aleve.  Farkin’ dwarves.

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