Month: June 2011

Water bottles & my lady underpinnings,…!

It is probably not saying much for yourself when you are so easily defeated by a water bottle.  Twice.  And two different water bottles.  I opened the fridge, searching with a somewhat muddled brain for the cream to go in my liquid crack blood of life coffee.  And out topples a a very cold and […]

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Even a chimp can learn a habit in 3 weeks,…

But apparently my 9yo cannot.  I’m telling you, it is a battle of wills lately, and I think he is winning that battle.  What he lacks in reason and legitimacy, he has the stamina to stick with it no matter what.  He is going to win by default simply because he has worn me down […]

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A Stoli & coffee kind of day?

My “fluffy bunny” happy attitude seems to be AWOL.  Between children and adult drama, I think my brain and patience level are thoroughly deep fried.  And because I certainly don’t want to deal with any more drama, a good portion of it is just brewing inside me, making me a human pressure cooker.  If I […]

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