Year: 2011

Balancing deployment vs. the rest of life,…

One of the things the sucks the most about deployments, besides the obvious distance, is the lack of balance.  Hell, that imbalance exists even when the soldiers are BTG in garrison.  There isn’t a wife that could be more understanding of the obligations and responsibilities of the Army.  I spent more than my share of […]

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I don’t get paid enough for this BS.

I swear sometimes that I must talk to my children in Swahili.  Or serious issues with English comprehension.  Or they are suffering from senility.  Maybe all three.  Dealing with various children yesterday and today have led me to think that conversing with drywall would have been far more engaging.  I am about to bash my […]

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Face Plants & a Beast of Terror

Technically, it’s a Thursday.  But I am fairly certain that it is actually a Monday thinly veiled as a Thursday.  Either that or I am completely incapable of life today.  Honestly, it could be either.  I rolled out of bed this morning, a full hour before I needed to be, and promptly managed to fall […]

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Hair goo + shower caps = Sexy Mama

I’m telling you, sometimes it is terribly hard to manage all the sexiness that is me.  It’s a burden, but a burden I have to bear nonetheless.  This morning, I woke up refreshed after about 7 hours of good sleep after 48 hours running on about 30 minutes of sleep.  The husband is on a […]

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