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I was so ready to move…

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I was so ready to move to Arizona this summer, so ready.  After the last several years, most particularly this last one, starting over in a new place sounded wonderful.  We are still going to move, but nearly as soon as we initially thought, which was within the net few weeks.  

Corey has sleep apnea, diagnosed just before the last deployment.  Because he is Aviation, he is required to have a valid flight physical in order to maintain flight status.  Apparently this means two sleep study tests, one to diagnose and another one with the mask.  He never had the second one due to the deployment, which he never even knew he was supposed to have.  He had another flight physical in Kandahar while in Afghanistan and he was disqualified because of it, another key bit of information he never knew.  Recently, he had another one to be high speed, low drag when we arrived at Fort Huachuca and it was during that that he discovered that he needed the second study.  Scheduling that can take forever, plus the post-study appointments.  He has it scheduled now for July 6th, which is a step in the right direction.

His report date to Arizona wasn't until October 10th, but he was supposed to go TDY en route to Fort Rucker, AL for the second half of ALC from the first week of August to the end of September.  There is no way he can do this study and all the appointments, clear Fort Drum, AND make it to Fort Rucker.  Originally, he was going to clear and take about 30 days leave and move us to Arizona and then go to Alabama.  That way the boys and I would be there and moved in for the start of both the kids' school year and my own.  School there for kids starts the first week of August and mine the first week of September.  School here doesn't start util the first week of September for the boys, a month later.  Now, with leave after this is taken care of, the earliest we will be able to get there is probably the very beginning of September.  This is going to suck, for me, at least.  I am going to make arrangements with the schools there to homeschool the boys for a month so they won't be behind.  But my class load is insane.  I applied for annd got authorization to take an overage of credits next semester and registered.  The freaking DAY BEFORE we found this out.  Fantabulous.  I take my classes through SUNY Empire State, the Center for Distance Learning.  I have reading and writing intensive courses, 2 of which are independent study.  All of that while on the road, in hotels, moving, no internet in the house, and unpacking.  I am scared witless that I am going to fail.

Stress makes life interesting!

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