Year: 2012

Inner Journey:  Day 4

Inner Journey: Day 4

Today is Day 4 of the Beautiful Body Acceptance Inner Journey with Dominee of Blessing Manifesting!   The daily affirmation for today is a hard one for me…  Today I make decisions that are for the well-being of my body. I will feel good about my choices for today.  Being in a state of limbo with none […]

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Inner Journey:  Day 3

Inner Journey: Day 3

Day 3 of the Beautiful Body Acceptance Inner Journey is here, my hardest day yet. Today's daily affiirmation… I accept and love all of my flaws, through that love and acceptance they are transformed into my strengths. Yeah, not so easy.  In fact, not easy at all.  Pretty much impossible at this point.  But today has not […]

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Inner Journey:  Day 2

Inner Journey: Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the Beautiful Body Acceptance Inner Journey.  Yesterday's exercises kept me thinking, long after I posted my "homework".  Some of it is not at all easy to thik about or to even acknowledge to myself.  But it is making me realize just how much of my life it affects.  And I hate […]

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Inner Journey:  Day 1

Inner Journey: Day 1

As I am sure is apparent from this blog, I love Dominee of Blessing Manifesting!  She is starting a new service called Inner Journeys, journeys designed to help you with all manners of things.  She has eight journeys that are going to be available and each of these is customized to your particular needs.  Each journey […]

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When reality slaps you in the face…

When reality slaps you in the face…

I expected a lot of stressful moments with this move, but not one of them had to do with self-esteem.  And yet, here at the beginning of the move, that is exactly what has happened.  The "packing up and sending our stuff off" part has actually been relatively stress-free, even hilarious at times with craziness […]

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Wednesday Wishes!

Wednesday Wishes!

Craziness.  That is the word of the times.  Moving across the country with three kids, two cats, one dog, and two cars.  Leaving one college-age kid behind.  Leaving family and friends behind.  All of this leads to crazy emotional roller coasters.   NOTE:  All pics are clickable into a new window for easier viewing! My […]

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Letting it all go…

Letting it all go…

That seems to be the theme of my life lately, letting go.  I'm moving, so there is a lot of letting go of "stuff" going on, most of which causes me not a single moment of stress!  But it also makes me think about those things that I hang on to and what they mean […]

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How easy it is to fall…

How easy it is to fall…

The last few weeks have been all about change for me..  It is needed and it is time.  A big part of change, in my opinion, is the journey to it.  Open heart, open mind, and you can discover so much and learn so much.  And I have.  Some of it comes from new blogs […]

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