3.7.2013 | Thursday

What a week,… and it is only Thursday!

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I don’t even know where to start!  So much in just a short amount of time.  Maybe chronologically…!

Prof Love

Goodness Kim, this is close to a masterpiece and completely publishable in a military oriented magazine or website.

-Professor Jeff Cahan

This is really the least of it all, but a moment that really made me feel amazingly good.  The above is the first line of an email I got on Tuesday night and saw first thing yesterday morning.  He is my Creative Nonfiction professor, commenting on a draft I wrote for the class.  It was about homecomings, those wonderful nights when soldiers come home from deployment.  That he felt this way really meant a lot.  That Corey lost it while reading it last night meant even more.  I’m on the right track!

Amazingly Brilliant Son Love

So Donovan decided to graduate a year early from college, even with a double major.  This left him with many months less than average to complete his thesis and go through the grad school process.  This year has been rough on him, crazy busy and stressed to the max.  He called me yesterday at lunch time, sobbing hysterically to the point that, if it hadn’t been for Caller ID, I wouldn’t have known it was him.  It scared the living hell out of me.  But it wasn’t bad, it was amazingly, wonderfully good.  He got into grad school at Boston University!  It is a crazy competitive program, intense as hell because they do the same amount of work in 2 years that most programs do in 4.  Only 15 people are selected, so he had to beat out several hundred for his slot.  So awesome!  It is one of the top schools in the country for forensic anthropology (think Bones) AND his first choice.  I am so ridiculously proud of him!

And Baby Makes Seven

Yeah, you read that right.  I am pregnant.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  NOT expected AT all.  A little scary, really, considering I will be 43 this summer.  I honestly didn’t think I still could GET in the family way.  I guess I can hope for a girl this time, huh?

I got a lot of love for it, which I appreciate.  But I have gotten some hate, too.  I am trying to be understanding about that, too, but I can’t deny that it hurts a bit.  :(

It’s been a bit of a “what the hell” kind of week!

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  1. Girl… I’m sooo excited for you!! Such awesome news on all parts… I’d love to read your paper… I’m still contemplating writing that book we spoke about several years ago!! I hope you find out your having a girl… I seriously have a GREAT gift for you if you do!!! So keep me posted!!! Sending you MAD love & BIG hugs!!!


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