Year: 2013

Crocheting + Studying = Crudying

Crocheting + Studying = Crudying

This is what I do during the REALLY long studying sessions I have every day.  I crudy.  The rest of the time I cread and cratch (prounounced "crotch"!).  I am the Multifaceted Mama, and a multitasking one, too!!  My husband, however, refers to my hobby as "crotcheting" (promounced "crochet-et-ing").  He's hilarious.  I have gotten really good […]

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Crafty Witch and Pseudo-Hermione

Crafty Witch and Pseudo-Hermione

The Crafty Witch I spent part of yesterday afternoon updating PDFs for my own crochet designs, offered here as well, and setting up a Ravelry store.  All of my goodies are free, at least so far.  I found a couple of great Ravelry plugins for my site, too, in my side bar.  One (Ravelry Goodies) shows […]

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Tryin’ to get my learnin’ on…

I have never in my life tried so hard to learn something in my life and it is frustrating as hell.  Before this semester, I was so looking forward to my two independent study classes, Women of Faerie and The Faerie Realm in Folklore and Literature, both taught by the same professor.  I registered for them last […]

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When do I get to be excited?

This pregnancy hasn’t been as much fun as I would like it to be.  Unexpected, yes, but not as much fun.  I am happy about it, but not as excited as I would like to be.  I am finding it hard to really get excited, for a bunch of reasons.  And I really want that […]

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