1.1.2014 | Wednesday

Happy New Year!

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For the love of 2014

I don’t believe in resolutions.  They are a setup for failure.  I believe in goals.  And I have several…

  1. Do what I need to do to get healthier, but not be so hard on myself.  I need to accept my limitations and stop expecting too much of myself.
  2. Start devoting more of myself to creativity in whatever form that may take.  I need that.
  3. Blog more.  I miss the free therapy that it provides.  The good, the bad, the ugly.
  4. Self-care.  I need to take care of me.  I spend so much time taking care of everyone and everything else that I always forget about me.
  5. Relax.  I need to remember how to do that.
  6. Reconnect with the spirit.  My faith has faltered over the last few years and I need to reconnect with it.
  7. Stop feeling guilty when I have those moments of less than perfection.  I can’t and shouldn’t do everything.  It is okay to say no, to have bad days, to delegate.
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