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i just can’t with people

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I’m starting to regret getting back into blogging. Or at least visiting other blogs other than a selected few. I keep having the misfortune of running into some seriously effed up shit.

I just stumbled onto a post that the author prefaced with a statement about how loving and open-minded they are. Okay, cool. Then I continued to read. Big mistake. Big.

One of the first statements they made was something along the lines of “homosexuality is a sin, and one worthy of death.” Okay, now I realize that to many, homosexuality is a sin. Do I understand or agree with that? Obviously not, but I can respect it as a part of faith. It’s the “worthy of death” part that seems a tad excessive. Totally a statement of love and open-mindedness. Not.

Then this person continues on by explaining that their faith requires them to witness to others. Okay, fine. Then another statement about how that witnessing makes them a loving person, not intolerant, judgemental or one full of hate. In my experience, I have never been witnessed to without there being some level of judgement or intolerance, at the very least. But I’m sure there are those out there who can witness without those things.

This person is not one of them.

It continues with a statement that sounds lovely… on the surface. That they do not hate others based on their ethnicity, sexuality, life choices, or cultural identity. (This despite the fact that the website contains entire pages devoted to hating a number of races, ideologies, and faiths.) This “lovely” statement is followed by another less lovely one, that the “life choice” of homosexual people is destructive, likening their marriages as “pretend.” That the “life choice” of same-sex marriage/relationships comes with consequences. And I’m not referring to hellfire and damnation. I’m referring to legalized open season and murder of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Is this a sign of the author’s position of love and open-mindedness? Yeah, I don’t think so.

And the legalized open season suggestion didn’t apply only to the LGBTQIA+ community. It was for the BIPOC, democrats/liberals, those of any faith other than that of Christianity, those that are Christian but who don’t fall in line with the author’s belief.

This isn’t love. This isn’t open-mindedness. This isn’t faith.

This is hate.

There are just no two ways about it. When you are supporting, and often making veiled threats, legalized murder of other people, that’s hate.

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2 responses to “i just can’t with people

  1. It’s not just the anonymous nature of the Internet anymore. People used to leave rude comments since no one knew who they were. I’m not alone in believing they feel they now have “permission” to come out of the closet of haters. They were given this “permission” by their President. If he could, they can to. That silent minority is still, fortunately, a minority, they’ve just stopped being quiet. There’s no convincing them that they’re doing just what they say to be against. It makes me want to hit my head against the wall! My own brother is a very conservative religious man, his church is a very conservative, very political one. At least he doesn’t push issues with me. He did let me know COVID-19 was a plot to stop Trump’s re-election. Apparently the entire world was/is willing to let millions die for that cause. Well, it worked, call off the pandemic!

    • Kim Deister

      I totally agree with you! 45 legitimized it and packaged it as “patriotic.” It’s disgusting. And don’t get me started on the conspiracy theory stuff. AARRGGHH!


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