7.29.2021 | Thursday

thursday 13: internationally weird

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I’m into all things weird… weird places, stories, music, facts. I’m also into languages. So I give you a blend of both… how to say weird in thirteen languages! At least according to Google Translate…

  1. Norwegian: merkelig
  2. Polish: dziwne
  3. Vietnamese: kỳ dị
  4. Afrikaans: vreemd
  5. Swedish: konstig
  6. Arabic: عجيب
  7. Hawaiian: ʻano ʻē
  8. Greek: περίεργα
  9. German: seltsam
  10. Turkish: tuhaf
  11. Chinese: 奇怪的
  12. Welsh: rhyfedd
  13. Thai: แปลก

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