12.6.2023 | Wednesday

brains & boo-boos

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My brain specifically. It hates me. Not only has it plagued me with post-COVID fog for months, now it has decided to make me miserable with dagger-like pain. I’ve had an unceasing headache for nigh on two weeks now. It varies in intensity from time to time, but since the “low” level still feels as if dwarves are mining for mithril in my skull, it’s not really a time of relative relief. It is by far the worst headache I’ve gotten since I got my daith piercings several years ago, a tool I HIGHLY suggest. I’ve still gotten headaches, but until now, less frequently and always less severe. Most of the time, the worst of them might last a couple days, but are fairly well managed with OTC painkillers and my preferred method of analgesia… music-induced. Specifically, heavy metal. Don’t scoff; there’s science behind it, something to do with the frequencies and vibrations of it. However, Advil, Aleve, Metallica, and KoRn aren’t working their magic this time. Usually, lights and sounds don’t bother me much, but I’ve spent most of my days in the dark, volumes turned low. Good times.


I’m a Gen X feral child, a rebel since the womb with a highly developed personality of snarkiness. Therefore, I love a snarky T-shirt. I have a large collection of them. A few weeks back, I found one on Etsy that combined my love of the holiday season with my love of true crime, resulting a lovely snarky T for Kimberly. I bought it, loved it, posted a photo of it on the Book of Face. Only to have someone point out a typo which I hadn’t noticed. Look for yourself.

So there’s that. I contacted the seller, and hopefully they’ll make good on it.

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