nine layers of the mama

Layer One
♥  Name:  Kimberly Covey (Ingram) Deister
♥  Birth date:  12 August 1970
♥  Birthplace:  Ogdensburg, NY
♥  Current Location:  Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
♥  Eye Color:  Green
♥  Hair Color:  Reddish-Purple
♥  Height:  5’3″
♥  Righty or Lefty:  Righty
♥  Zodiac Sign:  Leo
Layer Two
♥  Your heritage:  Scots-Irish-Welsh
♥  Your weakness:  yarn, chocolate
♥  Your fears:  spiders
♥  Your perfect pizza:  pepperoni and jalapeños
♥  Goal you’d like to achieve:  buy a house, write a bestseller
Layer Three
♥  Your most overused phrase on IM:  “LOL”, hands down!
♥  Your first waking thoughts:  “Great.  Another morning to nag people out of bed.”
♥  Your best physical feature:  My hair
♥  Your most missed memory:  The fiery me I used to be!
Layer Four
♥  Pepsi or Coke:  neither
♥  McDonald’s or Burger King:  neither
♥  Single or group dates:  single
♥  Adidas or Nike:  Nike, if either.
♥  Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:  Lipton
♥  Chocolate or vanilla:  chocolate
♥  Cappuccino or coffee:  coffee
Layer Five
♥  Smoke:  Nope.
♥  Cuss:  Frequently and multilingually.
♥  Sing:   For myself.
♥  Take a shower everyday:  Can’t go without.
♥  Do you think you’ve been in love:  Absolutely!
♥  Want to go to college:  done
♥  Liked high school:  Parts of it!
♥  Want to get married:  I am married.
♥  Believe in yourself:  Sometimes.
♥  Get motion sickness: Not as much as I used to.
♥  Think you’re attractive:  Depends on the day.
♥  Think you’re a health freak:  Not as much as I should be.
♥  Get along with your parent(s):  I did, most of the time.
♥  Like thunderstorms:  Love them.
♥  Play an instrument: Y es, the flute and the piano.
Layer Six
In the past month…
♥  Drank alcohol:  No
♥  Smoked:  No
♥  Done a drug:  No
♥  Made Out:  Yes
♥  Gone on a date:  Yes
♥  Gone to the mall?:  Yes
♥  Eaten an entire box of Oreos?:  No
♥  Eaten sushi:  Yes
♥  Been on stage:  No
♥  Been dumped:  No
♥  Gone skating:  No
♥  Made homemade cookies: No
♥  Gone skinny dipping:  No
♥  Dyed your hair:  Yes
♥  Stolen Anything:  No
Layer Seven
♥  Played a game that required removal of clothing:  Yes
♥  Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:  Yes
♥  Been caught “doing something”:  No
♥  Been called a tease:  Yes
♥  Gotten beaten up:  Yes
♥  Shoplifted:  No
♥  Changed who you were to fit in:  It happens.
Layer Eight
♥  Age you hope to be married:  Been there, doing that!
♥  Numbers and Names of Children:  4 boys:  Donovan, Ka’lani, Scott & Ty
♥  Describe your Dream Wedding:  I want to do a renewal of vows on the beach in Hawaii someday,
♥  How do you want to die:  Painlessly
♥  Where you want to go to college:  I went to SUNY Empire State College.
♥  What do you want to be when you grow up:  I wanted to be a writer.
♥  What country would you most like to visit:  Ireland
Layer Nine 
♥  Number of drugs taken illegally:  One
♥  Number of people I could trust with my life:  2 or 3
♥  Number of CDs that I own:  Too many to count
♥  Number of piercings:  8 in my ears, 1 tongue, 1 nose, 1 navel
♥  Number of tattoos:  10
♥  Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?:  5 or 6 times (in a good way!!)
♥  Number of scars on my body:  Several!
♥  Number of things in my past that I regret:  I don’t believe in regret.

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