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Anniversaries and Army life

I think that Army marriages should have some kind alternative numbering system.  I wrote a status about our anniversary on Sunday, joking about how rarely we are together for it.  Counting this year, we have been together for exactly one half of our anniversaries.  The balance is starting to tip in our favor! I mapped […]

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Changes are afoot!

Changes are afoot!

We are finally moving, something I was beginning to think would never happen.  We have a pack out date with transportation on August 23rd and pick up on the 24th.  We are rolling out for our cross-country road trip on the 29th.  We have been stationed here for 7+ years, since May of 2005.  But […]

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I was so ready to move…

I was so ready to move…

I was so ready to move to Arizona this summer, so ready.  After the last several years, most particularly this last one, starting over in a new place sounded wonderful.  We are still going to move, but nearly as soon as we initially thought, which was within the net few weeks.   Corey has sleep […]

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Balancing deployment vs. the rest of life,…

One of the things the sucks the most about deployments, besides the obvious distance, is the lack of balance.  Hell, that imbalance exists even when the soldiers are BTG in garrison.  There isn’t a wife that could be more understanding of the obligations and responsibilities of the Army.  I spent more than my share of […]

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