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The Tween Years are going to kill me.

The Tween Years are going to kill me.

I wish I drank.  There are days when I think that a little shot of vodka in the morning java might do me a world of good.  This self-imposed rule of not drinking when stressed out sometimes sucks, especially when I seem to live in that state most of the time. The Tween Years.  This […]

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Catching up…

Time flies… It's been more than a month since I last blogged.  I had been good about blogging regularly, but I needed to take a bit of a step back, I guess.  I have been taking a bit of a social media hiatus, light on the blogging, light on the Facebook.  I have been kind […]

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Monday Madness

This has been an illuminating weekend, even if I spent most of it tethered to textbooks and my laptop.  It started with a post from Dominee of Blessing Manifesting, whom I adore.  The girl, while well over a decade younger than me, is one of the wisest and kindest souls I have ever met.  And […]

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The Stress Spiral

The Stress Spiral

 &  The past few days have thoroughly tested me, over and over again.  Not falling into old ways of thinking and old patterns has been, at times, a hell of a struggle. I had a moment the other night when it felt like everything I was trying to do for myself lately was for nothing. […]

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