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My blog is my own, and it comes as it is.  I consider my blog to be my own personal form of therapy, which means that sometimes it will be Kim Lite and sometimes it will be Kim Dark.  My thoughts, feelings and opinions are my own, even the stupid ones and the ones you don’t agree with.  I make no claims that what I write is always child-friendly, because life isn’t always child-friendly.  Sometimes I bitch and moan and that is okay. 

Feel free to comment on anything you want, even if it is just to tell me how wrong I am, how crazy I am, or (better yet) how wonderful I am!  But, I do reserve the right to delete/edit comments that are wildly inappropriate, offensive or profane, if only to clean the post up for public consumption.

Just remember, this blog is MY outlet.  There are times when you might not like what I post about, but that is the risk you take.  Too many times I have had someone not like something on here and try to use it against me, but people should remember that a blog is a personal thing and I do have the right to my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and opinions.  After all, there is always that little “X” in the corner.

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