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Tryin’ to get my learnin’ on…

I have never in my life tried so hard to learn something in my life and it is frustrating as hell.  Before this semester, I was so looking forward to my two independent study classes, Women of Faerie and The Faerie Realm in Folklore and Literature, both taught by the same professor.  I registered for them last […]

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Why have I been so quiet?

For days, I have wanted to blog.  I have opened it up almost daily and I have written.  And pretty much of it has been unfit for public consumption.  So I have deleted it, stared at it, and eventually given it up.  But the truth is, my blog has always been my therapy and sometimes […]

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One of those days…

One of my goals for November was to let go of the resentment and anger I have been dragging around to make room for some more positive, healthier things.  Sounds so much easier than it actually is.  The reality is… the line between "letting go" and "I'm a doormat" is a fine one.  How do you balance […]

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