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Balancing deployment vs. the rest of life,…

One of the things the sucks the most about deployments, besides the obvious distance, is the lack of balance.  Hell, that imbalance exists even when the soldiers are BTG in garrison.  There isn’t a wife that could be more understanding of the obligations and responsibilities of the Army.  I spent more than my share of […]

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Soldier Daddy returns! ♥

After only 5 delays, Soldier Daddy is finally home. And what a gigantic cluster &^%$ it was. Not only did he not make home for Christmas Eve, he didn’t make it home for Christmas either. I spent a good portion of Christmas day in a funk, which sucked more than a little! They were supposed […]

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Christmas Eve Blues,…

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OMy_lzV7mY[/youtube] I woke up this morning with a serious case of Christmas Blues.  It has been a really rough year for me, not even counting the deployment, so Christmas cheer has been sadly lacking in my heart this year.  And the 5 delays to bring Corey home definately haven’t helped that, either!  To have him […]

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The countdown begins,…

We are two weeks from the end of deployment now,… FINALLY!  I still refuse to get excited until the very day he comes home, though.  I know how that sounds, but I am also more than well aware of how often things can change at the last moment.  As it is, he was supposed to […]

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Life as a Household 6!

NOTE:  Click here for a definition of Household 6! Sometimes something happens that just slaps you in the face with just where your spouse is.  Saturday morning, I got a call from my FRG (Family Readiness Group, the unit support group for family members) leader to call my people with a message notification.  Our brigade […]

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