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Moving forward…

So it has been a very long time since I’ve written.  Life took a downward turn, which I wrote about here.  I suppose I had a rough time adjusting to that for a lot of reasons.  I had a lot of dark days that really took a lot out of me.  Grief is one of […]

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It’s been a year…

It’s been a year…

It has been almost a year since I last blogged and so much has changed since then.  I haven’t posted about this since last October in this post, but that was really the beginning of it all.  My heart can’t take going through all of it right now, but read that post and you will […]

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What’s really been going on with me…

So, it has been pretty obvious that there has been some stuff going on with me for the last several months, especially if you follow me on Facebook.  It hasn’t been my story to tell so I had to deal on the down low, which hasn’t been easy.  It has also probably overburdened those I could tell. […]

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Living, Learning, and Feeding the Soul

Living, Learning, and Feeding the Soul

Living and Learning I am a big believer in trying to find a silver lining or lesson in everything that happens in life.  That’s my way of trying to make something good of situations and experiences that are often anything but good.  Sometimes those lessons are positive; sometimes they aren’t.  But there is always something to […]

Anniversaries and Army life

I think that Army marriages should have some kind alternative numbering system.  I wrote a status about our anniversary on Sunday, joking about how rarely we are together for it.  Counting this year, we have been together for exactly one half of our anniversaries.  The balance is starting to tip in our favor! I mapped […]

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