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Way to go, Donovan!

posted: 5.18.2009/0647 | Monday
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Way to go, Donovan!

Congrats to Donovan! We got some fabulous news in the mail Friday night!  Donovan got into The Clarkson School!  Yipee!  So we all immediately got in the car and headed to Potsdam for a celebration dinner at Cactus Grill with my dad, stepmom, and stepsister Kristin!  Out of the number of people who apply, only a […]

Photos Galore!

posted: 5.6.2009/0733 | Wednesday
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Photos Galore!

Spring Concert, Part Deux Last night was Ka’lani’s spring concert, and he was looking all kinds of studly! I took the three youngest for haircuts after school, so he was newly shorn and looking good! I got to meet his girlfriend, too, and she was very nice, which made me happy.  She is labeled in […]