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♥ Accepting Applications ♥

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Yesterday, I posted an ad on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, but the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter and Ping.fm (the service I use for simultaneous posting) severely limited my ad.  So I thought I would post an expanded advertisement here, too, just in case a future cabana boy happens by my blog.  Because we all know a chick blog is the first place a guy would go, right?! 

:: ♥ WANTED ♥ ::

Cabana Boy


  1. Seeking male 21 – 40, although age is negotiable. 
  2. Must be gorgeous and willing to be primarily eye candy.
  3. Must be willing to serve my every whim, whether it be cocktails at 3pm, or cavier and milkshakes at 2am. 
  4. Must be non-judgemental in every way. 
  5. Must be skilled at the fine art of flattering a woman, despite current butt size.
  6. Strong hands and arms required, for both manual labor and massage. 
  7. Must be willing to work odd hours. 
  8. Speaking is optional, unless complimentary, but having the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation when asked is preferred.
  9. Discretion is a must.

Pay is low, and benefits are few.  Unless, of course, simply being in my company is payment enough.

Now accepting applications.

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