9.3.2009 | Thursday

Educating the yard apes & ♥ing the hubs!

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School days = 8 hours of quiet!
Back to days of waking up at the butt crack of dawn!! The alarm was set for 0530, an hour that I can’t seem to shake, despite years out of the Army! But I, of course, woke up at 0445 and couldn’t fall back asleep. But I guess that is why I had the coffee machine programmed to start almost immediately! Suprisingly, getting the yard apes up and at it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I anticipated. However, somehow I doubt that will be the norm, more like dumb luck!

But, damn, they grow too fast! Donovan will be 17 next Friday and is a flippin’ SENIOR! How is it possible that I have aged that much?! And Ka’lani is in 7th grade and is now in cross-country with Donovan. Scott started 3rd grade and Ty is in 1st grade now. MY BABIES!!!! But, of course, the Mama had to commemorate the first day of school with pictures! Click on them to see full-size with captions!

I ♥ the hubs!
I gotta love the hubs right now.  I am going through some bizarre stuff at the moment and to say that it is potentially awkward to talk about with the hubs,… well, that would be a major understatement.  But he is so amazingly supportive and open and willing to talk about it with me, that the awkwardness just never comes.  And that is such a good thing!  There are times when I just love the hell out of him, and this is one of those times!  :) ♥

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3 responses to “Educating the yard apes & ♥ing the hubs!

  1. I have 5 more days and counting! Of course, there will be no quiet for me. There is a possibility it will be louder since I am sure that Adam will try to compete will any type of silence. *G*


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