10.6.2009 | Tuesday

♥ing the Soldier Daddy & my Blackberry!

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♥ing my Soldier Daddy!
It is the little things that make me adore him, more than anything else!  I got online this morning and saw that he had left me a comment on my blog post yesterday and that just made my morning, just seeing his name there!  I remember a couple years ago, he came home with a CD for me, for no other reason than just because he knew I wanted it.  Those are the kinds of things I love, those little signs that he loves me, thinks of me, listens to me.  I ♥ my Soldier Daddy! 

I also ♥ my new Blackberry!
I just got the new Blackberry Tour yesterday and I ♥ it!  Having a full QWERTY keyboard after my tiny Samsung Juke takes some serious getting used to, though.  I would like to find a calendar app and a grocery list app for it, though, but I am sure I will find one.  I have only had it for a day and I am already wondering how I survived without it and I am FAR from figuring it all out!

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One response to “♥ing the Soldier Daddy & my Blackberry!

  1. Del

    Awww, yeah I luv the little things the most. Keep the flowers is what I tell hubby and get me a plant instead, lol!

    I so know what you’re talking about with your BB!! I’m so freaking addicted to it it’s not even funny (serious crackberry, lol). So many apps for it too! Oh and I did end up finding a WP app for it as well… I didn’t think they’d actually have one on there, lol!


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