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friday 5: ℞

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1. What’s your prescription for a case of Weekend Uncertainties?

The only “weekend uncertainty” I really get is beach-based. Will the weather be good or not? The rest of the time I usually just go with the flow.

2. What’s your prescription for a persistent case of Restless Munchies Syndrome?

I only get munchies at night. And I give into it, since my snack of choice is fairly harmless. Air-popped white popcorn with a drizzle of olive oil and Adobo seasoning. LOVE. IT.

3. What’s your prescription for Streamer’s Indecision?

This I occasionally suffer… TOO MANY CHOICES! It also depends on who else is watching. Everybody’s got different tastes!

4. What’s your prescription for a hypersensitive Get Off My Lawn reflex?

I don’t suffer much from this. I did with our previous neighbors though, from time to time. Mainly because her boys were sadistic hellspawn who destroyed neighbors’ lawns (including mine), effed up my car more than once (and other neighbors’), and had zero respect for anyone. Neither did their mother. I was glad to see them leave.

5. What’s your prescription for an inflamed FOMO?

I’m too much of a rebel to get too FOMOy about anything. Occasionally, I get book-related FOMO, but I’m frequently disappointed when I give into it.

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2 responses to “friday 5: ℞

  1. I wouldn’t have been able to give answers for these, because for the most part, I have no idea what they are! “Weekend Uncertainties?” Is that anxiety over making plans for the weekend? “Get off my lawn reflex?” Literally, get off my lawn, or something neighbors do that trigger you to yell about it? I had to look up what FOMO was! Maybe I’m must too old to understand!
    I will say, it must be sad to worry about what others are doing, to think one’s missing out.


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