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friday 5: yes on the prize

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1. What gadget did you most recently obtain, and which gadget do you have your eyes on?

I got a meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. I want to get an ice cream maker at some point, something like this (image is linked to Amazon)…

2. What business establishment did you most recently visit for the first time, and which do you have your eyes on?

A new restaurant in Hale’iwa, Jorge’s Tacos & Ceviche. But that same space has housed other restaurants I’ve been to over the years like Rosie’s Cantina (which I loved back in a day), Luibueno’s, and Stormy’s. I want to go to The Pig and the Lady in Honolulu. It’s a Vietnamese place that I’ve heard great things about.

3. What movie did you most recently see, and which do you you have your eyes on?

Black Widow on Disney Plus. I LOVED the cover used for the opening theme. She did Nirvana proud. What I want to see next is below.


And because I love all things Matt Damon…

4. What reading material did you most recently consume, and which do you have your eyes on?

Both are linked to Amazon.

Just consumed, and I hated it!!

Just actually started consuming!

5. Which current event has been of greatest interest to you this week, and which do you think will grab your attention next week?

It’s not even possible to narrow that down. There’s so much going on, and so much that captures my attention. Rarely in a good way, sadly.

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4 responses to “friday 5: yes on the prize

  1. I have fond memories of Rosie’s as well. Haleiwa is such an interesting place — some things seem to be around forever but most things seem to come and go so quickly it’s a different assortment of businesses every time you come through.


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