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friday 5: the best the best the best the best of you

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Well, this week’s questions made me squirm. They made me realize just how deeply I HATE thinking about myself in almost every way. That can’t be good!

1. What’s your best physical feature?

Woof. This question makes me uncomfortable! I’m my own worst critic, especially these days. Some health issues, not the least of which is long COVID and other fallout from that, have left me feeling… not the best about myself. But in a better time? My shoulders maybe. I live in Hawai’i, so I wear a lot of strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses, and I don’t mind my shoulders. I like my feet, too.

2. What aspect of your personality do people seem to appreciate most?

It’s probably a toss up between being a good listener, being open-minded, and being funny. I’ve seen and been through a lot of sh*t in my time, and it’s contributed to all three of those attributes. I try to be the listener that I haven’t always had, the one who really listens… both with my ears and with my heart, without judgment and without trying to solve their problem for them. I’m also very open-minded. And I’ve learned that humor is healing.

3. What skill are you proud of?

I feel vaguely obnoxious answering this, but…

I’m a good editor, which is good since that’s one of my hustles. I’m also pretty good with languages. I went to the Defense Language Institute twice, once for Polish and once for Vietnamese. I speak French passably well, which I’m currently refreshing. I’m also learning Swedish. And I’m a pretty good writer, although it is tough to get noticed in the book biz. Crocheting is a skill, right? I’m good at that!

4. What are you right about?

Everything? Nothing? Depends on the day, the moment, the subject!

5. Who appreciates you?

I’d like to think my husband and kids appreciate me. I’d also like to think my clients appreciate my editing skills. And my readers… I’d like to think they appreciate at least my books, if not me.

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