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Everyone has a story. I could try to write mine here, but I have no idea how to do that. The story I would write today would be different from the one I would have written ten years ago. In ten years, my story will be different still. I guess my blog is my story. So I’ll let you read that, and give you the nutshell here!

the basics

name: Kimberly
nickname: Kiki or Kim
birthday: 12 August 1970
generation: X
sign: Leo leo
year: year of the dog
birthstone: peridot
anniversary: 13 April 2002
hometown: Potsdam, NY
current town: Wahiawa, HI
other places I’ve lived:
alumna: SUNY Empire State ’15
husband: Corey
kids: Donovan, Ka’lani, Scott, Ty
favorite color: pink, ocean teal
job: I write and edit books.
former job: US Army , Corning Glass Works, St. Lawrence University
fangirl: New York Rangers hockey
fave foods:

on my date of birth

  1. The USPS was created and the old US Post Office Department was set to be phased out.
  2. Janis Joplin gave what turned out to be her final concert at Harvard University.
  3. “Kimberly” was the second most popular name for baby girls.
  4. Close to You by The Carpenters was the #1 song.
  5. The Out-of-Towners was the #1 movie.
  6. Love Story by Erich Segal was the #1 book.
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